Wave a flag for a party rag…Choosing the Emperor’s New Troops

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The dilemma of choice. Voting is supposed to be an exercise in thoughtful, studied choice. Local government is the foundation for good governance so even if one wants to reform the system one should vote. The choices may be what the are, people competing for the road march or monarch title as the lesser evil, while we search for those who can represent the greater good. But at least we have a choice, as against not having that fundamental choice – to vote. So if for that reason only, of being able to fulfill one’s duty as citizen, vote tomorrow.  

(This one, for Demokrissy fans: pre-stage sounds of horn & a curtain of smoke – la la la..) 

Whey meh costume?
Vote the right tune
Which party rag?
What party flag?

I wake up this morning
to loud dejaying
Is Carnival ah ready-ing,
To join d road marching

(Trini people)
Whey meh costume?
Vote the right tune
Read a party rag
Wave a party flag

I began scrambling,
This is confusing
The wrong tune playing
Neigbour? Is jouvert morning?

(Neighbour, Neighbour)
Whey meh costume?
What’s the right tune
Write a party rag
With a party flag

Neib Gyul, I don’t know
Is the New Political Comedy Show
I tune in for a debate
To find comedians as candidates

(Jokers, jokers)
Whey meh costume?
Vote the right tune
Wet party rag
Clash with party flag

Rudder sings: choose a candidate:
Vote: The jackass, the goat, or the snake
The future of box drains are at stake
Any comedian could join the debate

(Voting people) 
Whey meh costume?
Vote the right tune
Grab a party rag
Stain a party flag

O gawd! who tief more than he?
Who me? He get ketch, the stupidee
I charging up my campaign battery
With more liars, lawyers and bobolees

(Liar, Lawyer) 
Whey meh costume?
Vote the right tune
Charge a party rag
Jail a party flag

Your honour, without honour
Look meh ink-stained finger
See my choice, is my right to vote
The jackass, the snake, or the goat.

(Party People) 
Whey meh costume?
Vote the right tune
Patch a party rag
Pick a party flag

And we jump and wave, jump and wave, and jump and wave….
…and go out and vote tomorrow! The right to choice is a human right!

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