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Open Letter to Dr Anthony Sabga Saviour of the Trinity Cross Key Keeper of City Guardian of Demokrissy

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The More Things Change: From  Montage of Articles & Columns
on Social and Economic Development
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Dear Father Tony,
Please hear my plea,
To revive the economy
Try that city key
Tho of you and me
Dey making bobolee
And the poor already
Heading to vagrancy
Save this country
We call La Trinity


 I may call you that, Dear Father Tony, may I not, although we is not family, we are still part of the Trini famalee and the human famalee, part of the same national journey on the same ship, and I was part of your empire on the media side for most of me journalistic life and that was how some referred to you in revered whispers though others had less reverent terms; and it may be said, ’twas in your empire whence I cut meh journalistic tooth and whence my career was birthed and so you really are meh father in some sense of the word, eh Tony!
Vagrant’s View of Woodford Square, Port of Spain

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Making local government work

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Towards meaningful local government reform

Talk of proportional representation in the local government system has so far focussed on the political party system, a means of really entrenching the ills of a system that already places too much emphasis on the political party system. There are alternatives for more effective local government reform that would allow local communities ways of more actively getting involved in the running of localised affairs which it might be useful to consider as we talk of local government reform rather than the continued centralisation modes we have been drifting into over the last few decades.
The issues touch on financing and resourcing development at local level; management issues that promote nonpartisan local government system, rationalising overlaps in jurisdiction among others which have not even made it into the election campaign.  As we move full gear into local government elections
it may be useful to consider some of the recommendations for local government reform that allows for decentralisation which is a commitment successive governments have made at various Summits of the Americas, Commonwealth Heads of Government meetings, UN General Assemblies etc but which remain sitting on shelves like this report I prepared for through the Active Democracy Network of the Organisation of American States …  on  enhancing participation in Local Government and decentralising to allow for more menaingful   pages 46 to 75: