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Disconnecting to buy local for sustainable living

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Anyone know of a local alternative to #Microsoft and some other #software and #hardware technologies and upgrades?
Does sustaining local enterprise mean disconnecting from global technologies?
Those who know me know I do not like shopping and am an advocate to #BuyLocal so I would appreciate info so as to avoid that new #7%Tax in addition to the other taxes already … see more
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#knowledge products  #industry #sustainable alternatives, contact @krisamp @lolleaves @glocalpot #GlocalKnowledgePot #Worldwewantpeople #SustainableDevelopment #SDG #SustainableLiving

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Open Letter to Dr Anthony Sabga Saviour of the Trinity Cross Key Keeper of City Guardian of Demokrissy

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The More Things Change: From  Montage of Articles & Columns
on Social and Economic Development
(c) KrisRampersadArchives2016
Dear Father Tony,
Please hear my plea,
To revive the economy
Try that city key
Tho of you and me
Dey making bobolee
And the poor already
Heading to vagrancy
Save this country
We call La Trinity


 I may call you that, Dear Father Tony, may I not, although we is not family, we are still part of the Trini famalee and the human famalee, part of the same national journey on the same ship, and I was part of your empire on the media side for most of me journalistic life and that was how some referred to you in revered whispers though others had less reverent terms; and it may be said, ’twas in your empire whence I cut meh journalistic tooth and whence my career was birthed and so you really are meh father in some sense of the word, eh Tony!
Vagrant’s View of Woodford Square, Port of Spain

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Return of the Great Gatsby

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Critics of Hollywood’s latest rendition of Fitzgerald Scott’s The Great Gatsby directed by Australian Baz Luhrmann and featuring Leonardo DiCaprio, Tobey McGuire, Carey Mulligan and Joel Edgerton with a brief appearance by Amitabh Bachchan might have to eat their words yet. The film’s achievement, if not in Hollywood standard box office success, is exactly that which it is criticised for – its glitzy representation of the Roaring 20s exactly captures Fitzgerald Scott’s novel giving a crossover Broadway Moulin Rouge theatrical crossover over to the silver screen in a superb blend of theatrical forms to deliver a contemporary message of the dualism of corruptibility and idealism of the American Dream.
Precariously poised as it is on the fiscal cliff, America, as indeed Europe in the grip of its debt crisis, and indeed much of the developed world in its continuing spiral of economic depression, the new production resounds with the relevance of the social repercussions of mismanagement of economic excess to our times.    Kris Rampersad Website